Friday, December 9, 2011


Today turned out to be a reasonably nice day for me.  After being completely unmotivated at work, the wife and I had a ☆delicious☆ dinner at Casa Blanca.

Camarones Vallarta.  I typically don't care for saucy things, or cheese sauces at all, but this crap is SO delicious.  The sauce is not overly cheesy and not too terribly rich.  Also a surprising treasure, because I usually keep cheese as far away from my broccoli as possible.
Another fun thing about Casa Blanca is the decor.  They always get lovely during the Christmas season.

Sort of in the center of the restaurant is a huge tree with huge ornaments.

They even wrapped a bunch of fake presents to put under the tree and all around the restaurant.
Or who knows? Maybe they're reeeeeeeeaaaaaal :O
After dinner, it was time to go search for a book at Barnes&Noble, which translates to Marble Mocha Macchiato and Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake.


Last week Grimmty and I went to Korea House, which was leaps and bounds beyond ☆fantastic☆, as usual.

Photographing this food is always particularly difficult, as we're usually attacking the plates before they even land on the table.  Poor waitresses D:

Kimbap, descended from the heavens. It somehow seemed extra extra delicious this time.  I thought I was gonna pass out from the amazingness. 
PaJjeon and banchan.  Sorry about the blurry photo, my other hand was too busy EATING to hold the camera steady.
Here they actually brought us the wrong dish first.  It looked and smelled great, but we couldn't eat it because it was fire.  Rather than sending it back, though, we just re-ordered what we wanted, and took this to our friend.  Everybody wins!☆

Tofu and Kimchi

Ahhhh ~ that's all for today!


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