Sunday, December 18, 2011

Chrissoween Promo Party 2011

We recently had a super duper fun party- a Chrissoween party - to celebrate that we finally put some items up on our Etsy! (And also because we really just wanted to party!) What is Chrissoween? Christmas + Halloween - the combination of two of the best holidays!

We started setting up the night before, putting up some spookier decorations to go with the festive Christmas decorations already up at Grimmy's house. The first step was rearranging some furniture, and setting up some tables the cat lounge

One of our main decorations was this soon to be spooky tree!

And of course the tree box needed a very thorough investigation. By everyone.



And Dusty.

The cats did such a great job helping us set up and decorate.

The weren't in the way at all. (<--sarcasm)

☆Let's see what else happened!☆

 The next day we got up early and started baking!

Becca was the gingerbread queen! She made a ton of gingerbread men, women, and babies - and put together a gingerbread graveyard!

Rin baked these super delicious chocomint cookies that Grimmy pretty much inhaled. She also made delicious pumpkin bread muffins - but we hogged those all to ourselves!

A glance at some of the cute decorations...

While we were still setting up our products, Rin's mother came by bearing gifts--of food!

She also took a few pictures of us, and quite a few of Grimmy's dog, Poopy!

We wore our kigus! Unfortunately, it was pretty warm and we overheated. By the end of the night, hoods were down, buttons were undone, our wigs were laying on a table. 

Poopy taking after Bynx and getting into the spooky spirit.

The party was supposed to start at 3:00 and end at 7:00. It's a good thing our friends are always late to everything , though, because it took us a very long time to get fully set up!

Some of our new Winter items.

And our four prizes to give away that night.

Our first guest arrives: Stella!

Stella shows us her Chrissoween spirit with her mistletoe headband, and Halloween socks.

And she came with presents! She got us each a necklace set, and some blinged bath wash! 

When the rest of our guests arrived, we had our first crafting contest - Gingerbread Man Decorating!

It was a pretty fierce competition. People were getting very creative - even giving their gingerbread names and props!

Grimmy's nephew, Hayden, was totally in the spirit.  He was a little Candy Cane Vampire, with a matching onesie.  If you look closely here, you can see traces of the candy cane's sacrifice dripping from his chin.

The final entries:
Mallory's and Jordan's

Anastasia's and Stella's

Jennifer's, and Grimmy's (she decided to make one, too, even though she couldn't win a prize)

We picked Stella's cookie as the winner, since she performed surgery on her gingerbread woman to give her a shorter skirt. We are all about short skirts!

Stella picked this lovely necklace with matching earrings as her prize.

Next up was ornament decorating!

Since Stella wasn't allowed to compete for another prize, she entertained us all by ranting about various things. She, and everyone else, found it very amusing to rant with a branch of mistletoe bobbing around furiously atop her head..


The entries:
Anastasia's, Jennifer's, and Jordan's

Yay a winner! We picked Jordan's ornament.
That bow was not his prize, but this photo just seemed appropriate.  He chose the star and cross necklace and earring set.

By the end of the night, we had given away all of the prizes, and made quite a few sales! But mostly it was nice to just sit back and chill with friends - we very rarely hang out with anyone anymore! We hope to have more in-between parties in the future!


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