Monday, November 1, 2010

To Fayetteville! [again]

It's fall time again and we've got that lovely feeling.  One of our favourite things to do in the fall is to drive up to Fayetteville for pretty scenery, a cozy tea time and, of course, SHOPPING.

Check out so many more pichurz below 


We love undies!

We were having a great time snapping photos next to the undies, and the employees were having a great time looking at us like we were crazy 8D

We found a raccoon mask OHBOY!

So lovely and too small ):


Badgirl mess in the shoe section because the world is our playground :D

Great name for a salon

The turtles were too cute!

We escaped this place with only one chocolate.

Then on to the real treat!  Quiche and FruitsFluff at Elk River Café!

Strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and cherries!

So flaky ~ so YUM

Fantastic spinach and something quiche!

What is she puzzling over?
Sweet little church

Such an amazing window with an amazing relfection

This is parking.  For the entire city.

Interesting set of stairs which seemed more like they belonged inside rather than outside.

Such a fanciful and festive doorway we have here

Don't miss out on the EPIC ADVENTURE OF THE CENTURY-- Wall Street:  Legend of the Guardians


Roundy prince <3


We were too lazy to take pictures of what we purchased, but we made off with some lovely treasures, as usual.

stay tuned for our next adventure 

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