Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mini Hamacon

We got a table at Hamacon's mini convention a few days ago. It was nice to go to a local convention and see all of our friends.

Since we apparently never sleep before we do events, we started our day off right as usual. With HUGE coffees and Krispy Kreme.

We only bought, oh...three dozen. And we kept them stashed under our table.

Rin showing of our huge custom candy headbands and deco-ed ds.

Rin's ds is sporting a deco plate and doughnut charm.

Grimmy's ds is wearing a deco case and fluffy fuwa charm.

A quick peek at our table.

Cute bags for our customers.

Obligatory lap shot. Perfect Palette Change!


Obligatory leg shots:

This lovely lady bought one of our steampunk top hats.

Wait whats this?!

So this can be explained - it does have a semi-logical explanation behind it...Basically one of our friends is the webmaster for Hamacon. Last year he thought it would be amusing to wear a wig and a skirt and refer to himself as the con-tranny. And this year he decided to cosplay Ash and act flamboyantly gay. This beautiful sketch by Grimmy is a bit of fan-art we gave him.

Some other con goers saw it and commissioned another one!

Rin dressed up their favorite pokemon.


If you can look at Adam's face without laughing, there might be something wrong with you.

Cool Gaiz.

We had a lot of fun, and we are looking forward to doing more events this close to home. 

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