Thursday, September 2, 2010

Some Things~

Hello there everyone, we hope summer has treated you well~

So in the midst of all of the spiraling drama and activity that the summer months have brought us, we've still been working hard on the goodies, but have been MAJORLY slacking on the networking >.<  But, oh well, this will probably always be a weak point of ours 8D

We have a few neat updates lined up, but also an unfortunate drawback.

hardcandy house's current base of operations is Rin's living room and our control panel--Rin's computer...which is having some troubles and has been sent away to the doctor for a few weeks.  So during this time, the updates we had been excited to announce and release will have to be put on hold for a bit.  And mostly regrettably, website progress has come to a temporary pause.

We're sooooooo sorry to keep promising and then putting off, but hopefully we'll at least be able to keep you entertained with some pictures in the meantime ;3

~ much love and all that sweet stuff ~

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