Sunday, September 5, 2010

♥ progress ♥


Progress on the website is moving along again and it should be up and running verrrrry soon 8D~

Here's a tiny preview:

So, in the meantime, while you're waiting for that to get all finished up, have a look at some random and completely unrelated photos!

What is going on here???

On this day we had a photoshoot planned, but it didn't work out.  What to do?  Go out to eat instead!

PRODUCT.CHECK!:  Baby kei hairbow, purple fuwa ring, purple sugar bracelet, [not visible]: purple baby kei pacifier earrings, pink fuwa bow necklace


Bags under her eyes mean she's working super hard on hch, right?  Right???

Let's make dumb faces while we wait for our delicious food at Korea House!

Grimmy looking rather cute.

Rin trying to look cute like Grimmy.

Grimmy had her nails looking lovely.

Simple, but sweet~

Kimbap!  The essence of life.

Kimbap and banchan!



Dubu Jjigae!

Rin still trying hard to look cute...

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