Thursday, January 29, 2015

Around the House: Moving the Workshop Pt.1

Moving the Workshop, Pt. 1

So...we're super excited about these summer collections we've already got lined up, and still have some things to finish up for spring.  The creative juices are totally flowing and we're super pumped--

--Buuuuuuuuuut first thing's first: gotta get organized!  As we mentioned in our first post of 2015, we're moving our workshop again.  It will still be at Grimmy's place, but we're going from the smallest room in the house to the biggest. It's very exciting getting to arrange and decorate the new room, and we definitely need the space, but we know it's gonna be a lot of hard work, too.

Some things we'll definitely have to do:
     - take down and re-install wall-shelving
     - move free-standing shelf cases
     - move our huge ridiculous solid-oak-or-something table, unless we find a replacement first
     - make curtains for the new room

Some things we'll probably do or want to do:
     - paint walls and other solid surfaces
     - reupholster furniture
     - build/assemble some custom fixtures

And, of course we gotta do some shopping...
     - some cute, but most importantly ergonomic chairs
     - some frames to display awesome art we've accumulated
     - cork boards and dry erase boards

Eventually, after we get the basics sorted, we'll round things out with cute office utilities and trinkets (because we don't have enough trinkets), but one step at a time...

We've got our classic hch playlist pumped up, chock full of high-energy essentials like Perfume and Capsule, and we're ready to make some waves.  Coming out of the holidays, it's been a bit difficult to gauge progress, but hopefully we'll soon be able to bust out the 2015 calendar and make plans!

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