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AWA 2013

Ooh, what is this blog thingy...WE REMEMBER THIS.  We'll skip the introduction [read: excuses] and get to the meat of it.

We recently got back from AWA 2013 [09/27-09/29] and had a blast, as usual! Our variety of photos this time was not as interesting as it could have been...mostly just shots of our ugly mugs, but we'll share our experiences with you nonetheless!

To see all of our photos from AWA 2013, check out the gallery on our FaceBook page!



Firstly, let's start out with our cheap but swanky hotel room. This year, we were late and last minute with pretty much everything, so we didn't manage to get a room at the convention hotel before they were sold out.  So instead, we booked the nearest and most affordable hotel, which ended up being a LaQuinta. We--as does probably most of the rest of the USA--were wondering precisely what the hell is the proper pronunciation of "LaQuinta," so we decided to ask the super awesome and super chill desk clerk, Wendell. 

Wendell told us that the correct pronunciation was "lah-KEEN-tah"

or "luh-KIN-tuh"

or "luh-KWIN-tah"

or pretty much whatever you want!  HOW CONVENIENT.  

Wendell even hooked us up with a room on the first floor, only a few yards away from a ramped entrance stocked with dollies, which also had a microwave and mini fridge [even though our reservation said that a room with those items wasn't available].  Thanks Wendell! ♥

None of us had stayed at a LuhKwintah before and were quite surprised by how nice and spacious it was.  There was a lovely hardwood foyer, with an odd corner closet that we didn't use at all.  Across from the door and full-length mirror there was a counter with a coffee maker and another mirror.  We brought a bunch of food and provisions with us, so this counter was the perfect place to stock plates, bowls, cups, forks, knives, and the one spoon that we brought.

Roomy bathroom with great storage space and a huge mirror. The lighting in the bathroom was also excellent.  The only real negative thing we found about the room was that one of the double doors to the bathroom did not latch closed and there was no way to lock it.  So we had to hold it closed with a rubberband.

There was a delightful abundance of floor space in front of the beds, though we didn't do any yoga or Pilates this year.


This adorable doll remembered visiting us at AWA years ago and was even wearing one of our older bracelets.  It's there, mixed in with all of that phenomenal cuteness!  The mint wig looked so perfect on her head. Dye your hair mint, girl!

This Happy cosplayer [from the anime Fairy Tail] pretty much made Rin's entire weekend.  She miraculously found all of those items in the same blue--including the corduroy pants! She was so sweet and so cute. 
Rin: AYE SIR!!

The actual Spike Spiegel [from the anime Cowboy Bebop, but surely you already know that].  Everything was spot on--the way he stood, his mannerisms when speaking, the way he held his fake cigarette.  It's a shame that our creeper skills have diminished over time, else we would have more photos of him.  But we were mostly just staring--the camera was an afterthought.
Some of our new nail sets: pink galaxy, purple galaxy, 

pastel ombre + black, and lavender+black+white+stripes+bats+eyes+pearls.

Such a lovely pair! She added one of our deco hand mirrors to her collection of prettiness.  We were offering our explanation of how the decorated mirrors make lovely decoration for dressers and vanities, but she clarified that she uses fancy things like that on a daily basis.  How delightful~

We flew over the table to snap a photo of these dears. Sooooo cuuuuuute!! Their wigs look lovely and their makeup was perfect!  They even shaded and put spots on their arms! Positively precious.

This year they added tons of space behind the tables, which made it much easier to move around and was a huge help during setup/takedown.  We still opted to store all of our stuff [save the huge handtruck] beneath our table and around our legs.

Grimmy made these adorable little bat shoe clips for us this year. 

Our camwhoring was pleasantly interrupted by this GORGEOUS cosplay. She is a character from the manga-only circus arc of KuroShitsuji [we didn't catch the character's name]. The rose petticoat and wig were breathtaking and there were delightful details! 素晴らしい!! ♥

That parasollllllllllll♥

Our tacky nails.  This year we decided to tone it down, by not having all of our outfit concepts in one set of nails.  We prioritized galaxy, and Rin threw in some of the pastel-goth from Sunday.

Not sure what this face was about, but the camera did wonders with Ben's skin.

Friday's concept and bright colours.  We originally wanted to more of the creepy-cute style, but we ended up not having the time to put together our own outfits for it, and ended up not making that much product for it, either.

Friday night we ate at a nearby sushi restaurant, where the ice was in the shape of little bowls! It was odd, but cool. 


Saturday's concept was Galaxy.  Even though this was the outfit we were most excited about, we somehow didn't take any full body shots...

We even took our makeup to the next level, complete with bling adhered with eyelash glue and nail polish for eyeliner! [disclaimer: don't do that]

Yes, Target has wholly and completely proven their worth with the galaxy tights, most specifically the CATSINSPACETIGHTS.  Only 15 dalluhs.


In light of how sparkly our clothing was and the fact that we were covered in body glitter, here are some animated gifs showcasing some glitziness.

On Saturday, we went to the Putumayo Fashion Show.  The models were volunteers [save the final girl] and did a lovely job.  They all looked like they were having a ton of fun!

They even did a song and dance at the end. Super cute! ♥

individual model shots in the FaceBook album
For dinner on Saturday, we went to Umezono.  There was no time for photos.  Only time to order half of the menu and gain 40 lbs each.  The deliciousness of their food is indescribable.


Sunday's concept was a sort of pastel-goth / light-grunge / whatever that trend is called. 

We only took a few photos on Sunday.  Here's a few snaps of some of our new items.  Shame we didn't snap some of the others before they sold.  we r so smrt.

For dinner on Sunday, we went...back to our hotel room to have a nap, actually.  After recharging for a few hours, we woke up at some ridiculous time like 9pm for dinnersnacks and lounging.

On Monday, we visited Super H Mart and the Sugarloaf Mills Mall in Lawrenceville for some sh-sh-sh-shopping, but didn't take any photos :C

We also have not yet photographed our swag from the weekend, but we definitely got some goodies.  We'll show those to you in another post, someday soon-ish.

As far as the convention itself, traffic seemed nice, and there were positive changes to table layout and placement in the Artist Alley.  There were food trucks located in the back of the AA that did make the whole enormous room smell like grease [not actually noticeable until you smelled your clothes the next day], but the food certainly did help to drive traffic to the artists with tables at the back. There was also a 'potluck breakfast' for the members of the Artist Alley one morning, though we were too busy being late setting up to really get involved.  It seemed like a really sweet idea, though, and was very well received, so hopefully we'll participate if they do it again next year.  All in all, we had a great time at AWA, as always, and can't wait to attend it again next year.

And so concludes our review of Anime Weekend Atlanta 2013.
Don't forget to check out our AWA2013 Album on FaceBook to see all of our photos from the weekend!

♥ stay sweet ♥

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