Saturday, October 8, 2011

We ♥ Caturday!

Yay, Saturdays are now dedicated to out favorite animal: the cat! Let's introduce Grimmy's oldest and largest cat: Mr. Kitty!

 Kitty chillin on a Cheshire Cat blanket.

 Kitty ended up with his silly name because no one could decide on one. Everyone had their own name for him, even Grimmy's oldest sister who has two cats and a house of her own. Name selection included Monroe, Monty, and Bubba. Grimmy wisely said," If we don't decide a name soon, we are just going to end up calling him Kitty." And so it was!

 Kitty loves ice cubes and milk cap rings.

Kitty hails from Kentucky, from a semi-feral cat community that Grimmy's aunt takes care of.

We are hoping to make We  ♥ Caturday a weekly post. However, we realized that we take a LOOOOT more pictures of food than cats. We'll work on that.

Good night!

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