Monday, September 5, 2011

HamaCon 2011

HamaCon, Huntsville's newest anime convention, was June 3 - 5, and we're finally getting around to sharing our photos from the weekend.  Aren't you proud of us? :3

As usual, we killed ourselves the week of the convention and stayed up really late the night before getting ready and making some last minute goodies.  But of course we had a ton of fun and made more lovely new friends!

Get ready for WAY more pichurz!

「F R I D A Y」

Starbucks -- the ONLY way to start out the day.

Grimmy's Cup

Rin's Cup


Vroom! Let's go ~

Just joking! Let's stop.  This train thought it was so clever, since we were already running late [really!?] AND had to take a detour.

Friday's concept was polka dots to match our special HamaCon collection: Polka Dot Piggies

And so it begins...


Ta-Da ~ All done! We're so pro with our wrinklyass tablecover/sign :D

We decided to set out our personal deco'd items to show people that things are meant to be made cuter.

DS and DSi deco by Grimmy, HTC Incredible phone case by Rin

Half'n'Half bows--one of our favourite items from this set.

Our Special HamaCon items included necklaces, earrings, cellphone charms, and bag charms!

Another favourite that was also received very well: bow purse charms. We always get the warmfuzzies whenever CandyLovers are excited about an item as we are. 

Everybody loves $1 hairpins!


We didn't get our badges for a few hours, but as soon as we did, we got straight to work!

After the weekend, the camera was so exhausted from all the bling.

Siamese Twins.

Easily amused 

Across the room, there was a little handmade turret figurine from Portal 2. Rin spent the weekend making moon eyes at it and contemplated asking it out.  At $30 for a handmade figure full with LED [and did it make sounds as well?], it was SO tempting!

We were absolutely delighted to see some congoers who indulge in the luxury that is deco.

Trick Muffin! They hid all the blueberries at the bottom D:

This KuroShitsuji group was quite exciting.  Look at Tanaka's head! It's perfect!

Also always a treat when people put things on right away :3

Grimmy's nails for the weekend

「S A T U R D A Y」

Start your morning off right with PokeyMenz and PopTartz!

Check out Grimmy's dainty white tights. Just kidding! Her legs are actually that white :D

Saturday's concept was Fairy Kei! We always love bustin' out our fuzzy lace ruffled hch heart shirt decals.  They look like Valentimez :D

What kind of face was Rin making there? The world may never know...

Cheapo cosplay test wig turned into tacky fairy kei masterpiece!

Grimmy's cloud skirt is reckless endangerment!

What a lovely little visitor! 

As always, the table changes a bit each day.

These charming little princes were a Halloween item, but they're just too great to leave behind. Holding one in your hand, if you look at him too long, you can't help but laugh or smile.

Our commission display changed a bit after we received so many compliments on our blinged badges. The Sharpie modifications simply weren't enough. 

The usual ~

Ta ~ Da !

Grimmy is naughty! She took off her cloud!

Fairy Nest!

Aww, isn't she sweet ~ ?


Heart sunglasses are here to stay 

One of our Artist Alley neighbors, Sydney. We spent quite some time ogling her adorable lavender ensemble before ever saying anything.  We were also delighted when she purchased the pink fluff bangle. It must be a child size, because it's been too small for everyone up until now, but she managed to fit it!

We forced Dear William to let us bling his badge as well.  

Hmm...maybe the PokeTranny is a story for another day...

Entirely secure in his manliness

Sydney and Pukey-chan, another artist who was there.  Matching! Pukey is also the lizard's mommy. c:

Deco the day away ~

Beautiful Liz 

Kuro October -- the artist behind the lovely design on the badges and other official art for Hama-Con

Andy had one of our hairbows refitted into a bowtie. Lookin' good.

Then he let us look at his Dumb watch.

Hmm, what does this button do?


Kuro finally broke down and had to come back to get her badge bling'ed, too!  We took extra care to make her deco match the badge design.

This guy. He bought one of our Green Eyeball Bows, and we altered it to a bow tie for him.
We needed something with extra BLACK for Hollis.

So a group of us went out for a late-night fancy dinner at IHOP on Saturday night.  Somehow the guys got a hold of the camera and...did whatever the hell this is:

「S U N D A Y」

Awww ~ Good Morning 

Sunday's style concept was Amekaji vs Oshare-kei, or as Rin affectionately dubs the hybrid style: OshareKaji!

The camera was oddly fussy this morning so we had tons of fun [nope] readjusting settings D:

Did they get salt IN the camera!?

Mmm~ Blueberry Scone...-shaped muffin.  Yup, muffin mix baked into a triangle.  The fake Starbux in the hotel was playing games with us all weekend.

Rin stole Dear William's headphones :D

KoRilakkuma kigu! CUTE!!!

Yay! Another Half'n'Half bow at work!  And her shirt was super cute, too o_o

Grimmy stole Dear William's other pair of headphones! :D

Every colour of the rainbow...

vs 2 Sanrio watches...


Andy, once again, dressed to impress.

Sydney with normal hair! And wearing a super cute pink and black Sanrio outfit! She also picked up the hairbow to match the bangle--attaching it to her belt for the time being, as her head was already quite full.

A little while later, Sydney's mother approached us with $10--for her con badge...and her WORK badge!

We were quite excited, but also a bit nervous. We didn't want to go over the top on something she'd be wearing to work everyday.

But in the end, all was well.  We tried really hard to match the colours.

She loved it!

Unfortunately we couldn't get a good photo of them, but this CandyLover is sporting some hch nail that she had purchased earlier in the week. LOOKIN GOOD.

No, Adam, you can't be in the photo.

Oops, we made him sad D:
[psst: for those of you who didn't get it, that's an emote from Ragnarok Online]

Clayton tried to photo-bomb Rin.  Too bad she was already cheeseballin' anyway!

It's fine, we can still be frendz 

Rin sure is a Nice Guy.

We wrapped up Sunday evening by visiting all the other artists for some nice chatting and made a few purchases of our own.  
After leaving the convention, we zoomed over to the PersaCon meeting and grabbed some nasty McDonald's on the way. When we got home from the meeting, we still didn't rest!  We worked on things for PersaCon until nearly midnight! Sleep was eventually greeted with open arms.  Keep your eyes open for a post about PersaCon to come hopefully sooner than later!

Thanks again to all you CandyLovers! 

Hope to see you again soon ~ if not at the MiniCon, then maybe at HamaCon next year or some other fantastic event!

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