Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lover's Day pt 1

Hello Candy Lovers!

Did you enjoy Lover's Day?  We certainly hope so.  If not, then please enjoy as we share with you our festivities for the candy-themed holiday in our this year's Valentine's Day Special.

Let's start with photos from our Lover's Day Date.  Our theme for this year's Valentine's Day was chocolate covered strawberries [could this also be a sneak peak at one of our upcoming lines???].  We put on our custom hch items, featuring our handmade and decorated chocolate covered strawberry charms, and paraded our festive butts around town handing out Valentines to whomever we met.

let's see 

Grimmy found these cheesy Valentines at the grocery store <3

We took some cute pictures with donuts...

...and then we MURDERED them.

Time to go play in the makeup store!

Blowdryers make for a great backdrop <3

Checking our faces in these mirrors that we had no intention of purchasing.  But at least they were pink+purple :D

Still testing the merchandise

Lovely ceiling arrangement of one of the stores that we terrorized

Grimmy loves undies!

She had been planning to buy that teddy for almost a month and was so excited to finally get her grubby little hands on it.

Another prospect, but just didn't make the cut.
Rin waiting for Grimmy in her rightful place at Papaya.

FINALLY time to EAT [what is that hand trying to do to Grimmy!?]

We had to wait TWO HOURS for a table at Connor's, but we still had enough energy to annoy the other patrons with the incessant flash from our camera :D

We even did our nails up all special for the occasion!


Chocolate with sprinkles!

Rin scored these fabulous glasses!


And now for a closer look at the tasty promo items we made!

Rin's bracelet

Rin did suit style, so a bowtie was a must.

Grimmy's hairclip:  Block of chocolate, dollops of whip, and a choco dipped strawberry.  If only it were actually edible!
Rin's barrette: Hearts and Bows and Bling--Oh My!
We each had matching rings!
Matching earrings, too!
 As per usual, we indulged in a variety of desserts throughout the course of the evening, but they didn't last long enough to be photographed.  

Thanks for joining us on our super sweet adventure! And make sure you get excited for the rest of the hardcandy house Lover's Day Special--coming soon!

♥ ♥ 

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